P5 Digital has ready to use Matrimonial mobile application with website solution. Simple, secure & easy to use. User can register and create their profile, search profiles and connect with them. Secured admin area to manage site easily. No need of any special knowledge to manage website and mobile app, very easy to manage with basic computer & internet knowledge.

Modes of Application

User mode

Admin mode

User Mode

  1. User can register over the app by entering email-id, mobile, gender, age, profession etc.
  2. User can login through social media like Facebook or Gmail by submitting their username and password.
  3. After successful login user will create his profile or he will fill matchmaking part of the profile by submitting his preferences on various points like:
    1. Education
    2. Gender
    3. Job title
    4. Profession
    5. Income
    6. Cast
    7. Religion
    8. Weight
    9. Color
    10. Marital status
    11. Married has kids then kids will be acceptable
  4. Users will be able to search matches by particular category and he/she can use various filters for searching.
  5. User will be able to set his preferences for the match like partner age, height, color etc. while registering.
  6. User can be Member and he can avail the benefits of the member like Interest Received - Received & Sent and mark profile as featured.
  7. This application will show matches automatically according to the user’s profile.
  8. User can view other user's profile in which he/she is interested and wants to connect over the solution.
  9. User can chat/message or view deleted/accepted/sent messages with other users over the application.
  10. User will be able to make changes in his profile or he can set his settings for the matches over the solution.
  11. User will be able to view static pages of the app like awards, terms and conditions, privacy policies, issues and many other things.
  12. User can view success stories/blogs/shadi centers over the application/website.
  13. User can receive their all notification or messages via SMS.

Admin Mode

  1. Admin will be able to access the admin panel through secure login module from where he/she can manage the whole solution.
  2. Admin will manage users of the application
  3. Admin will manage the all the content of the  applications
  4. Admin will manage notification and messages over the solution
  5. Admin can change/add/delete the news/updates/videos/stories/blogs over the applications.
  6. Admin will manage search categories for the matches.
  7. The admin will communicate to the user for Unique Number Verification from which user can sign up their account.
  8. Admin will able to manage the static page’s content like About Us, Privacy Policy and FAQ.

Project Scope

  • Project designing (as per User preferences) and Documentation (SRS): For design, we will give you unlimited number of revisions before you approve the design. Once the project is awarded to us, we will ask for your design preferences and prepare first sample accordingly. You can suggest changes in that sample after reviewing it. And this process will be continued till you approve the design.
  • Graphic Designing, look and feel: The design will also include graphic design part along with the general layout.
  • Functionality Coding: The server side scripting would be done using x code and Android studio, SDK, PHP and the database management tool used will be SQL.
  • One time Product Deployment on User’s server: The project scope includes uploading the completed application to User’s server from our development server, once the programming work is complete and approved.
  • Easy to use: The project will be easy to use for both mobile and website user.
  • Cross browser Compatibility: This website will be compatible with all browser like internet explorer, Mozilla, Google chrome etc.


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